Bon Ton

Bon Ton is a new Vietnamese/Cajun restaurant in Atlanta, GA. Working in collaboration with Wrong Studio and The Young Never Sleep, a story was developed to give context and meaning to the physical space and experience of identity extended from the space.

We chose to let “un-branding” become the identity vehicle and develop a story of a Vietnamese immigrant who moved into the area back in the 70’s and opened a small to-go food counter. Next door, a brothel existed until it closed at which time Mr. Ngyuen took over that space as well. It was then that Bon Ton was conceived as a place of good times, questionable decor, and ridiculous graphics. It’s all about the happy time with this place and laid back, soul-food style matches the emotion of the place.

Client Big Citizen
Work Creative Direction, Art Direction, Identity, Menu Design, Illustration, Website, Interior Design, Wayfinding, Curation, Copywriting
Collaborators Wrong Studio, The Young Never Sleep, Charlie Parker.