I’m Not Here To Hunt Rabbits is an album of Botswanan folk music by The Vital Record. The album also comes complete with a photographic story about the origins of Botswanan folk music, the artists involved, and some facts about the country from which this form of music hails.

The concept for the design was inspired by the way music events are promoted via hand painted posters wrapped around prominent street locals in the country. Often times, pink paper is the base for hand drawn typographic form, alternating between the colors of red, blue, black, and outline green. From there, direct elements from photography provided by the story are organized to build an arc of a story about what you might hear on the album. A custom typeface we titled, Rabbits, was developed as an identification device to create a unique look on the shelf in a record store.

Client The Vital Record
Work Album Packaging Design, Booklet Design, Typeface Design
Contributors Adam Vettraino