The Lawrence

The Lawrence is an established restaurant in Midtown Atlanta. Already a neighborhood favorite, the owner contacted us for a refresh to their menu design. What began as one-off menu reworking led to an exercise in identity for the restaurant. The result was not only a new menu format, but a new logo, typemark, colorway, and typography.

Conceptually the goal was to elegantly bolster the restaurant as a cornerstone to the neighborhood. To achieve this, the logo form studies the architectural layout of the restaurant itself, which forms a perfect “L”. The typemark and logo mimic this, but in a reversed fashion to suggest a more laid back attitude. Furthermore, peach is adopted as a device for their identity by creating a welcoming and hospitable environment. Lastly, the menu is constructed to read like a publication as the founding of the original restaurant design had a strongly literary bend.

Client Big Citizen (The Lawrence)
Work Identity, Menu/Print, Layout
Specs Multipage folded 17″x11, with 5″ x 6″ insert, offset 2/2. Black Foil
Collaborators Adam Vettraino
Printing Henry & Co., Bennett Graphics